Har Issue Amul Issue

Known for its diverse creativity behind Advertisements, AMUL has come up with its recent TV Ad-campaign ‘Har Ghar, Amul Ghar’, focusing on daily chores of its target audience and feeding the legacy of picking societal issues for its Advertisements. ‘Har Ghar, Amul Ghar’ showcase the proportion of AMUL products utilization in our households. Whether it is Amul Milk, Amul Butter, Amul Ghee or its other delicacies, we are acknowledged with each one of them.

Residing in market since 1973, it has come up with rational campaigns which always strive to deliver an advertisement while putting main attention towards societal affairs in a sense people adore. The beauty of their Advertisement talks about how a slight figure of simplicity depicts a message of relativity to its audience.
Amul’s current campaign talks about same as they’ve been following since years, ‘Har Ghar, Amul Ghar’, ‘Har Pyaar, Pehla Pyaar’, ‘Har Kahaani, Amul Kahaani’ depict gestures of routine and a message towards society to connect with.
This advertisement showcase the love of an old couple towards their grand child who loves Amul’s Chocolate Ice-Cream and how they control themselves to not eat Ice-cream before their grandchild’s arrival, which they fail to do eventually. The entire script revolves around the little sweet gestures of people’s lives and how Amul has succeeded in being a part of those small moments.
The duration of Advertisement though seem longer but the concept and idea speaks for itself which creates an interest among audience throughout the TVC. The cast makes it more substantial which establishes emotional as well as humor appeal to the Target Group.
Client: GCMMF 
Brand: Amul
Creative Agency: daCunha Communications

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