Fogg Chal Raha Hai

With Vini Cosmetics as its parent company, Fogg has recently grab a huge market share of deodorant industry, could be because of its claim of 800 sprays in a bottle without gas or its new campaign that has been absurd yet viral crossing its own periphery.

kya chal raha hai? Fogg chal raha hai.” has become too mainstream these days and that is how this campaign has gain familiarity among its target group and has vitally used the casual term of talking which youth use these days.

Kya chal raha hai?” which means What’s up? in Hindi and the response to it “Fogg chal raha hai” says that Fogg is prevailing these days, which is a witty yet irritating concept that has nothing to do with the theoretical rule set of Advertising copy writing but has increased sales and publicity.

Vini Cosmetics gave this chance to The Womb to design their new campaign and as known through sources, The Womb has claimed that they put a risk in making this plan and how they felt when it got viral. Sheer luck, I guess.

One of the main objectives of any campaign is to generate familiarity among its market and earn huge sales and so is done through this. It has undoubtedly succeeded but has also achieved a tricky side of social media where trolls were made on the Advertisement copy which indirectly again gave hype to the product inviting more customers to it.

Client: Vini Cosmetics
Product: Fogg scents and deodorants
Creative Agency: The Womb







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