Lalach Ek Kala Hai


Mansoor Ali, chief sales and marketing officer, Hamdard, says, “Rooh Afza is a heritage brand, and comes with a lineage of being the only ‘natural refresher’.*

Roohafza, a more than 100 years old name has been a constant in summer squash drinks. It has maintain a legacy since decade into decade to target the mature and kids group of the society.
Hamdard’s promising product Roohafza has established a new 360 degree campaign changing the old saying ‘Lalach ek bala hai’ to ‘Lalach ek kala hai’.

The new TVC is long in proportion to others and has a song by Sonu Nigam on how greed of things take a person towards its passion. This campaign targets to Youth and their desires of wanting more than usual is what it takes to achieve their passion.

This particular campaign has come after an interval of two years. Commenting on this, Ali says, “The last campaign ran for almost a year until the start of 2015. Thereafter, there was a lot of planning, and thinking, and consumer-oriented research. The campaign will run through the year so that the brand can be projected as more of a drink that can be consumed any time of the year rather than just during the summer season.”*

Let’s see how re-positioning of this brand turns out to be while the concept is new and yet illogical.

Client: Hamdard
Product: Roohafza
Agency: Rediffusion Y&R




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