The Original English Marie – Bakesmith

Parle has been into cookie industry since a long time now and is been competing with other known brands such as Britannia and Priyagold. With its advancement in products and evergreen range, it has enjoyed huge market share in recent years. But, yet it wasn’t able to discover a seperate identification for it’s marie and extract a market share out of it.

A recent campaign has been established by Everest Brand Solutions to form an image of Parle’s English Marie by showcasing that founder of Parle travelled to London and received the famous Mrs. SMITH’s Marie recipes and has brought that out in this market.

The new packing and a claim of ‘Original English  Marie’ differs it from rest.

“It is indeed an aggressive move but we think there is space for us to snatch away market share from competition. This is the right time to undertake such rebranding exercise with the Marie,” Krishna Rao, deputy marketing manager at Parle told Business Standard.

This certainly is a smart view to show itself superior and better in the market.


Client: Parle
Product: Bake Smith Marie
Agency: Everest Brand Solutions


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