Jhatpat Banao, Befikr Khao!

“Patanjali atta noodles will soon oust Maggi as the top noodles brand in the country. Currently from about a 100 tonnes, our production of atta noodles will be increased to 300-500 tonnes,” Ramdev told reporters at a conference here. (Economic TImes, Mumbai)

Patanjali, an evolving brand has transformed itself in FMCG industry by spending a huge share of its turnover on the Advertising Campaigns and ofcourse introducing FMCG products.

While Maggi was suffering a ban, Patanjali introduced it’s Atta noodles under creative partnership of DDB Mudra North with a tagline ‘Jhatpat Banao, Befikr Khao’ and a jingle ‘Iss Noodle Mein Kya Hai Kya Hai?’ which was essentially did to draw attention towards the ingredients of the noodles and position it as healthy!
It was a witty choice to use creative like this when a dominating noodle brand is under ban.

Patanjali Noodles along with its other FMCG products have an outstanding approach of positioning them as Healthy, Nutritious and Needless to say Better than its competitors.
It has an advertisement featuring Baba Ramdev himself showing a comparison between Patanjali products and other brands.

Speaking about the ad, Sambit Mohanty, creative head, DDB Mudra North said, “When you have Patanjali Atta Noodles you have the assurance of wholesome goodness and health. That’s how we devised a catchy jingle of ‘Iss noodle mein kya hai, kya hai?’, to underline the fact that our noodles have no harmful additives.”

Client: Patanjali
Product: Atta Noodles
Agency: DDB Mudra 






























































































































































































































































































































































































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