Don’t Hold Back, Khao Jee Bharke

With people shifting towards the healthy and fit side, their eating habits have faced an advancement in itself. How the petty things of households transform into something western culture promotes or the healthy diets suggest.

With society, especially youth is more focused on getting lean, moreover, maintaining themselves to stay lean, major proportion of their food demands nutrition and healthy eating, but, the more you’re told to not have something, the more you crave for it.

So, here’s the deal, Saffola, Marico Product has been introducing Oats in all new avatar, oats which are essential for good health in masala style has been Saffola’s previous marketing strategy and positioned it as the healthy food.

Recently, a new campaign has been launched under creative shed of McCann Erikson, Mumbai
introducing Saffola oats in Chinese and Italian style with face of TVC as Chef Kunal Kapur.

The advertisement showcase in its first half, a couple who’s eating chinese food but the girl hesitates, to which, Chef Kunal Kapur inquires about and she replies that this food is heavy, Kunal then makes Oats with Chinese flavor and asks her to enjoy the flavor with a healthy meal.

McCann has used a sense of projection that gives a message directly and concisely.

Anuradha Aggarwal, CMO, Marico Limited, said, “We have launched the new Chinese and Italian variants keeping in mind that consumers crave for these exciting flavours during snacking occasions. Through our new campaign, we want to drive the message that one can satisfy craving for one’s favourite flavours through Saffola Masala Oats without the guilt of eating heavy snacks. We are delighted to have Kunal Kapoor as the face of the brand. His culinary expertise and a healthy lifestyle approach reflect the core values of our brand. We are confident that this association will go a long way in offering consumers many more delightful taste options that they can choose from and stay healthy at the same time.”

Client: Marico
Product: Saffola Oats
Agency: McErikson, Mumbai


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