Glucon D Chadha, Energy Badha

Heinz’s Glucon D advertisements have been an indication of summer coming, with its positioning as rejuvenating target group especially kids with body glucose when they are tired or drained in sunlight has now taken over a new twist.

Remember the old advertisements of Glucon D? focusing as an energy booster? well, now it has position itself as a prevention for getting drained in sunlight.

The new campaign with creative ‘Khel Se Pehle’ suggests that kids shall have Glucon D before going out to play in order to prevent themselves from the heat or getting drained outside. The TVC shows a kid dribbling a football energetically in a screeching sun scene which is affecting the other kids but her because she took Glucon D prior to playing.

With introduction of Aam Panna flavor, Glucon D is all set for its new campaign this April.

Change in marketing strategy and brand positioning, this would turn out to be a test of fate for Glucon D.


Client: Heinz

Product: Glucon D

Creative Agency: IPG Media Brands


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