‘It’s Different’

Maggi, a familiar brand under Nestle has taken up a place in market through which it maintains it’s policies time and again. With its wide variety of products under it, Maggi’s Hot and Sweet Sauce has come up with a classy campaign.

Remember the old advertisements of Maggi’s sauces where the brand positioning was done as ‘It’s Different’
It actually differs itself from the stereotypical understanding of red sauce.
For a layman, sauce marks an impression of Tomato Sauce and that’s the bull’s eye Maggi hit onto.

Maggi introduced variety in sauce by position the production under the tagline ‘It’s Different’, so that it leaves an impact over customers to draw attention towards the common understanding and developed truth by means of this product.

Javed Jaffery has been known for his humor talent and has displayed the same in Maggi’s Sauce’s Advertisement. Another recent advertisement has turned up under the same connection featuring Javed Jaffery as a wife and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the husband having a conversation after marriage over how Nawaz expects his wife to cook different foods but she offers him a toast, while he mentions what he thinks, she hands him the bottle of Maggi Hot and Sweet Sauce, to which he says ‘Tomato sauce?’
Then Javed draws his attention to the product name, emphasizing on ‘Hot and Sweet Sauce’ and how is it different from the rest.


Brand connectivity takes us back to the old advertisements featured under the campaign and rekindles the same essence of Maggi sauces.

Client: Maggi
Product: Hot and Sweet Sauce
Agency: Publicis Capital


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