Goodness The World Deserves

Ankit Chona, managing director, Havmor, said, “At Havmor, we have been making ice-creams since 1944 and one thing that hasn’t changed across three generations is our approach towards the product. We believe in using real milk and high quality ingredients to create our ice cream, which also makes it the perfect food to lift our mood. So when the agency presented the idea to us, we felt that it was true to our product and a fresh and relatable take on the category.”

Havmor Icecreams have been an infamous brand in Ahmedabad and has recently launched itself in cities like Delhi, Goa, Rajasthan, Punjab, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Their new 360 degree campaign says ‘Goodness the world deserves’ and is out with two TVCs for now, both featuring different situations of life and how Havmor helps in giving you the happiness you deserve in any situation.

A new product outside Ahmedabad has developed a nice product by means of advertising technique, all credit goes to Publicis Ambience India for designing this strategy.

“We are living in cut-throat world that is full tensions and pitfalls. And generally speaking, a lot of things can get you down. From a distressing incident in personal life, to the current social scenario, there is enough and more happening that can make us feel low. In this context we recognized that a traditionally ‘fun and celebratory’ product, can don a powerful new role. With their milky, sweet and vibrant goodness, ice cream is the perfect candidate for lifting the human spirit and keep it moving on, whenever we suffer a blow, and it is from this starting point that we approached the campaign,” said Paritosh Srivastava, COO, Publicis Ambience.
Client: Havmor 
Product: Havmor Ice Creams
Agency: Publicis Ambience India


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