It’s a smile that makes a Good Day

  The Social Street has developed a new campaign for Britannia’s GOOD DAY informing about the product shape change. Introducing this new trend to focus on the product name and connecting it with society is new agenda of Britannia’s new advertisement palette. Along with the new shape introduced, Good Day has launched a new variety… Continue reading It’s a smile that makes a Good Day

Kaagaz Ki Kashti Yaadon Me Utaari Hai

  Paperboat, a product of Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd. has come up in a new avatar focusing on reminding its market about their childhood and memories associated with it. Variety of TVCs give a message of how childhood has been an important part of our lives and how we all are a child within. It’s… Continue reading Kaagaz Ki Kashti Yaadon Me Utaari Hai

Fogg Chal Raha Hai

With Vini Cosmetics as its parent company, Fogg has recently grab a huge market share of deodorant industry, could be because of its claim of 800 sprays in a bottle without gas or its new campaign that has been absurd yet viral crossing its own periphery. “kya chal raha hai? Fogg chal raha hai.” has become… Continue reading Fogg Chal Raha Hai

Har Issue Amul Issue

Known for its diverse creativity behind Advertisements, AMUL has come up with its recent TV Ad-campaign ‘Har Ghar, Amul Ghar’, focusing on daily chores of its target audience and feeding the legacy of picking societal issues for its Advertisements. ‘Har Ghar, Amul Ghar’ showcase the proportion of AMUL products utilization in our households. Whether it is… Continue reading Har Issue Amul Issue