Glucon D Chadha, Energy Badha

Heinz’s Glucon D advertisements have been an indication of summer coming, with its positioning as rejuvenating target group especially kids with body glucose when they are tired or drained in sunlight has now taken over a new twist. Remember the old advertisements of Glucon D? focusing as an energy booster? well, now it has position… Continue reading Glucon D Chadha, Energy Badha

It’s a smile that makes a Good Day

  The Social Street has developed a new campaign for Britannia’s GOOD DAY informing about the product shape change. Introducing this new trend to focus on the product name and connecting it with society is new agenda of Britannia’s new advertisement palette. Along with the new shape introduced, Good Day has launched a new variety… Continue reading It’s a smile that makes a Good Day

Don’t Hold Back, Khao Jee Bharke

With people shifting towards the healthy and fit side, their eating habits have faced an advancement in itself. How the petty things of households transform into something western culture promotes or the healthy diets suggest. With society, especially youth is more focused on getting lean, moreover, maintaining themselves to stay lean, major proportion of their… Continue reading Don’t Hold Back, Khao Jee Bharke

Goodness The World Deserves

Ankit Chona, managing director, Havmor, said, “At Havmor, we have been making ice-creams since 1944 and one thing that hasn’t changed across three generations is our approach towards the product. We believe in using real milk and high quality ingredients to create our ice cream, which also makes it the perfect food to lift our… Continue reading Goodness The World Deserves

Jhatpat Banao, Befikr Khao!

“Patanjali atta noodles will soon oust Maggi as the top noodles brand in the country. Currently from about a 100 tonnes, our production of atta noodles will be increased to 300-500 tonnes,” Ramdev told reporters at a conference here. (Economic TImes, Mumbai) Patanjali, an evolving brand has transformed itself in FMCG industry by spending a… Continue reading Jhatpat Banao, Befikr Khao!

The Original English Marie – Bakesmith

Parle has been into cookie industry since a long time now and is been competing with other known brands such as Britannia and Priyagold. With its advancement in products and evergreen range, it has enjoyed huge market share in recent years. But, yet it wasn’t able to discover a seperate identification for it’s marie and… Continue reading The Original English Marie – Bakesmith